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Humans: from the beginning

In just a few years, our understanding of the human past has changed beyond recognition as new discoveries and advances in genetic techniques overturn long-held beliefs and make international news.

Drawing upon expert literature and the latest research, HUMANS: FROM THE BEGINNING is a rigorous but accessible guide to the human story, presenting an even-handed account of events from the first apes to the first cities.

Following its successful launch in 2014, HUMANS: FROM THE BEGINNING has
now been released in a second edition, which has been substantially rewritten
and brought fully up to date with the latest developments.

New finds include evidence that apelike hominids made stone tools; that
small-brained Homo naledi lived alongside Homo sapiens in Africa; and that Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Homo sapiens all repeatedly interbred.

There is also expanded coverage of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, with new
chapters on the later prehistory of Europe, the Minoans and Mycenaeans, and
the Late Bronze Age collapse of Eastern Mediterranean civilisation.

HUMANS: FROM THE BEGINNING is written for the non-specialist, but it is sufficiently comprehensive and well-referenced to serve as an ideal ‘one-stop’ text not only for undergraduate students, but also for postgraduates, researchers and other academics seeking to broaden their knowledge.

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