A mutually-agreeable settlement has been has been reached between WAITROSE and myself.

WAITROSE do NOT admit liability and stress that this is a good will settlement. Details remain confidential between both parties, and I will therefore be making no further comment other than that I am entirely satisfied with the outcome.

Subject to the implimentation of this agreement I confirm that I have no plans to take legal action against any of the parties involved in this incident.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported me in this matter.

Christopher Seddon


Author: prehistorian

Prehistorian & author


  1. Great news indeed, I hope your settlement was a worthwhile one, if we all boycotted waitrose because they had not helped you, the company would have lost far more, as the cost of everyones christmas shop would be a major part of profits for the year. I nsay why not write a book about it unless you have been advised not to, in which case you need more compensation due to not being able to report on the situation, I am glad that guardian readers rallied round to support you, I am still not going to go as I do not favour being locked up for the day. it must have worried your mum for example, I wonder did the company send her some chocs and flowers!

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