MS Queen Victoria in Istanbul

Launched in 2007, the Cunarder MS Queen Victoria and her sister ship MS Queen Elizabeth are twice the size of the Titanic and significantly larger than the original RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth and the legendary French SS Normandie.

Tied up alongside the Istanbul Modern art gallery, the sheer size of the ship is apparent in this photograph.

The Victoria is a modified Vista class cruise ship. Unlike her even bigger sister RMS Queen Mary 2, she is not an ocean liner, lacking the reinforced hull and greater speed of the Mary and her predecessors. For this reason, Cunard have been criticised for designating the Victoria and the Elizabeth as “Queen” ships. But the fine lines of the ship contrast sharply with the motorised barge looks of many cruise ships.

The great ship sets sail.

A day after the Victoria’s departure, her place on the quay was taken by the even larger but rather more mundane-looking MSC Magnifica.

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