Final entry for now

Regrettably, the WordPress user interface I have been forced to use has now become entirely unusable. It refuses to upload any image saying that it ‘exceeds maximum size’.

Until such time as WordPress provides an editor that is fit for purpose or I have the time and resources to move to another platform, I will not be posting anything further to this site.


Clock tower, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury’s Market Hall and Clock Tower was unpopular when it replaced an earlier Victorian building in 1965, and it still divides opinion to this day. But while the market hall is something of a carbuncle, the clock tower is a fine example of 1960s architecture. If talk of demolishing the complex ever comes to fruition, it is to be hoped that the clock tower could be retained.

Wally Funk, Astronaut

Decades after NASA denied the Mercury 13 participants the opportunity of becoming America’s first woman in space – and 52 years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon – 82-year-old aviator Mary Wallace Funk finally makes it into space aboard Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard spacecraft.

She is the oldest person to date to fly in space.